Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Yellow yellow is an award winning Novel written by Kaine Agary. The novel happens to be her maiden novel.
        This book tells the story of Zilafeya. She is raised in the village by her mother and is called Yellow-Yellow, or just Yellow, as a slur on the fact that her skin is lighter due to her father having been Greek. Through this parentage Agary explores the issue of transient visitors / workers in Nigeria and the children, the father and then leave, and the ways in which these children suffer because of that not only by being raised by single mothers (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing or portrayed as being a disadvantage, simply that the women and children are stigmatized sometimes because of it) but also because of the difficulties they face due to their skin color. It was interesting especially to see the generational changes in terms of this situation.
Zilafeya’s mother is shown to be both controlling and domineering, always wanting the best for her child. She works extra hard in order that Zilafeya, or Yellow, can go on to university as university is everything, they believe. Even though she is a single parent she is doing everything she can for her daughter to succeed. Although she can be controlling and is always pushing her views onto Yellow, Yellow is shown as not really having any plans of her own so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that her mother is always pushing her to succeed.

This book won the award for Nigeria literature for the year 2008. The author of "Yellow Yellow" has the power to convict characters and toil with the readers emotion.

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