Friday, 1 November 2013

X-DOE(@xdoeontop) - Komalobe ( Justin Timberlake Mirror'S COVER)

Know a lot of people would have been wondering who's this dude that
had to jump on Justin Timberlake Mirror song but to us is not
surprising. Way back then we've known this dude as a Promising Act and
a future to the Nigeria Music Industry, having hear some of his
project he had released then. Now you guys might be wondering who is
it am talking about, He's no other than X-DOE, who's real named Samson
Adeleke. He has been around since 2005, a native of Ogun State brought
up in Lagos City.

We have been told by the press that this dude will be dropping his
Anticipated Single of him titled #SOKULUYO which would dropped First
Week of Dec 2013 but in the main time he dropped us a cover song to
have a feel of what we should be expecting of his forth
 coming Single.


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