Friday, 15 November 2013


Faleye Fehintola adeyeye as you nos aka terry don am a native of ondo
state born and breed in ibadan
Terry Don says: n the hoods of ikorodu lagos state i still keep in
touch with my people i hooked up with nawty nature who belileved i was
good would be great i was in spired by his words and sought to learn
new strategies for me music is beyoud recording and going through d
vocal note or making beats fortuna i have been huder new musicas my
people nos as golden flyer muszik under ground all this while now is
the right time that i am set terry don to the game and taiks about the
pains and huzzles of an up coming artistes and also proves my worth to
people i feel great when people show me such love because that's one
of the greatest achievement you can have as an artiste it shows that
people appreciate what you are doing (especially men that act like
god)just like other artistes in the music industry though i have my
hommies but i am just cool with every other artiste in the music
industry ~O mA gA ft nature

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