Thursday, 14 November 2013


Victoria Nonye Okocha aka Nonye Toria was born and raised in Lagos till she left for England at age 13.Music has always been a part of her life since childhood, she started in Sarafina Musical when she was in St Dominic’s Primary School, joined a Mo-Town band at East Berkshire College Langley, UK 2006 where she performed covers from The Temptation, Johnny Cash and Old school Blues, she later went on to perform for the Queen of
England 2008 from her performing Arts School, the musical she was performing at that time was called “GodSpell” and her number “Day by Day” was the Queen’s favorite. Later that year, she also appeared in Britain’s largest soap opera “ East enders”. She appeared on a few episodes as well as a lot of musical productions.
Coming back to Nigeria 2011 was the best decision she could make; she was fresh, innovative and had a creative sense. She spent three months in Liberia working with IEDA Relief (International Emergency Development Agency) as she enjoys the Humanitarian service. She is here to stay and to contribute vastly to the Nigerian Music industry.

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