Thursday, 14 November 2013

AZEGIN (@azegin) --- LOKE + REGISTER

Born Azeez Enitan Balogun with stage name and Popularly called AZEGIN is a Lagos Based artiste This artiste curled out his stage name from his name Azeez where he got the AZE & the GIN from Genius because people believe this versatile artiste / Producer to be a guru. He is no doubt a versatile song writer, singer, rapper and Music Producer. He’s known with his voice and lyrics and has currently recorded more than 50 hits. His words are ” Boss, I don’t make songs but i make HITS ” Watch out for his album first quarter 2014. Azegin is the 2nd born of 5 kids. He loves listening to Music and what he loves doing best is Music. It was hard on him to get acquainted but @last he made it into it and successfully a producer, DJ, Singer and Rapper producing many Hit songs for musical icons. 

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