Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A letter to Davido (@iam_Davido) and whoever it may concern by #Pmonkz

Hello reader!
If you're on this page, you'll be reading about 3points in few minutes.
Big ups to Davido, I'm a big fan and I must commend him for good tunes.
When the 1st video was released, I didn't criticize it. I thought it was good (not bad). But, seeing the tweets of Davido where he was indirectly lashing out on the director made me think he'll come up with a grammy award winning video of the same single. The new one dropped yesterday and I was lost.
If the 2nd video was the only one, It would have been better, as it is, the 2nd wasn't too better off. Just like the England players, it was over hyped. Great work from Moe Musa tho, quality video and great concept but one would have expected more because of the hype.

I wish the fans will be a bit blunt some times. It would help our artistes a lot. Before I downloaded the 2nd video, I saw lots of tweets about how great the video was only to be a bit disappointed. I don't think saying the truth on twitter will kill, Or not getting a RT from Davido means you don't exist. Let's try help our artistes, if they've done something great, let's hail them, if they didn't meet the standard set for them or expected of them, let's notify them accordingly.

Its a good thing to support great music. Its wonderful to want to update your blog/site every time. I won't stop saying this, bloggers will always hype and over hype made acts and the artistes don't even know you, they don't appreciate you. Some bloggers have well more than 5posts on their site on this Skelewu matter (1- when Davido announced the release of the 1st video. 2- when he announced the postponement. 3- the official 1st video. 4- a post to nullify the video. 5- a post about the 1st director's reaction. 6- A post of Davido shooting another video in London. 7- A post about wizkid's alleged twitter sub. 8- A post about the song dropping 8pm yesterday. 9- A post about the official 2nd video.)
With all these, by the special grace of God, they didn't receive a penny.
Upcoming acts will beg these same bloggers and they'll charge, saying they don't work for free, help me here, who paid them for Skelewu's releases?
We know some great bloggers who are upcoming-artistes-friendly, big shout out to them.
If you're a blogger and you are amongst those who collects money before you help any upcoming act, please go find a better job. Don't see them as your ATM.

Thanks for your time. If you like, you can share your thought.
God bless.


  1. Nice one Governor!


  2. Best post ever!!!!!

  3. You are jobless! I said so Ikenna Hotnaijamusic @Ulrichobioma

  4. Nice post. I agree with u on points 1 and 2 but for 3) it pays to be famous. You get things done for free. I help upcomin acts when I can but nowadays they see it as their right. Did they not pay the musical producer? If they shoot a video won't they pay for it? If they go to radio will it be free? Imagine a dude sending me a song and says hello, I sent u a song reply with link. Na ur papa open blog for me? If a blogger refuses to help you then go to wordpress.com or blogger.com and open ur own blog. Its free. This bloggers pay hugely for hosting and internet connection and have suffered to build an audience whom you're craving for their attention. I usually don't talk about this things but I jst feel like venting it out here.

    1. @Delurge please tellem mofo's, we pay for our shii, famous artistes pay for their shii, upcoming acts must pay for their shii..kapiche!

  5. Exactly oo..ppl ll keep supporting artistes just to get a retweet wtout being honest...mtchhheeew

  6. @dindy sorry you aint gifted cos if you are you would know its not a senseless post like you said when your mb finishes on your 7210 nokia let me know so I would give you an i-phone 4 to start browsing and see stuff with your interlect brain and aso for ikenna you dumb write yours and let's see who will comment ..... HAKSAL

  7. Nice1 Pmonkz Governor. I love it when people are being real. #Thumbs up niggar

  8. @Dindy_Gifted ur a fool..u live in Anambra what do you know do you guys even watch DSTV dere your here running your dirty mouth..if you don't know how it works out there just ....HUSH!!!!!!

  9. someone on earth23 October 2013 at 19:27

    Great post!! Very great!! But as upcoming artistes...we sure have to pay....we ain't made yet but we'l get dere den get some freebies...blessings of a made artiste! Nice post tho

  10. God bless you bruv, we all love your work. - @VIKKYFED

  11. hmmmmn, i hope our artistes will listen when we tell dem d truth


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