Monday, 26 August 2013

Tentik (@TENTIK_RGM) - 4nik8

Tentik is musician/songwriter from the southern part of Nigeria(delta
state). Born and breed in the city of warri. Tentik has always been a music
freak(still is). He could mime almost every song he hears. Composing and
recording his own music started in the year 2010, hence the name TENtik.
Ever since then it has been from one hot joint to another. Before the end
of 2010, he completed his first mixtape titled “OneTenTh” and in 2011 he
did a sequel mixtape “The 2nd CUMing”. Both tapes didn’t really get buzz
since he self-released them as an independent artist. But they did get him
respect from the streets and a lil fan base. TenTik is now signed to
Stage23 entertainment and about to drop his first official mixtape titled
“Recognize Now or Famz Later”. He is currently working on his debut studio
album. TenTik is up next! So y’all better Recognize him now, or Famz later.


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