Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I woke up this  morning with a smile on my face Grateful for life and was greeted by the news of my nomination in the forth coming EGBA YOUTH AWARD category of Radio Presenter of the Year by a close friend and partner in crime TINUKE ACADA. Now this is it: so far, its been God and words have power. Last year, Kshow of Cityfm saw into the future wen he was nominated in d same category but a different award and he said this year I would get my first nomination. God had plans..mmmm

Its time to do what's right.

Pleas y'all vote for me so we can make this victory song louder by just doing this:

Send Edward fortune. Radio presenter of the year to: info@egbayouthsaward.org or mansons24@yahoo.com...or thru sms on 08036418187. Every votes counts....

If God cannot do it, no man on earth CAN..

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