Wednesday, 14 August 2013


In recent years in Nigeria,the level of internet usage has gone up tremendously and so is the amount of people that constantly use the internet on a daily basis.
With the advent of the G.S.M phone in. Nigeria at the start of the new millennium,many thought that communication in nigeria will surge to a new level,YES they were right,however what they failed to predict was that mobile internet connectivity as a result of the introduced mobile phones will surge to an all time high within the next couple of years and also continue to increase.
 With that situation a reality today,millions of mobile phone users can easily access any website of their choice from the portable devices e.g: smart phones,tablets,palm tops etc. However,what is available in many developed nations is that users get rewarded in a pre-arranged way for their time on any site,but this trend wasn't happening in Nigeria,and regrettably too.
 ALAS !!! A newly developed website ; has come to redefine that aspect or reward. is founded by a Nigerian with the sole aim to reward is the FIRST Nigerian forum website that rewards its users for their time spent online. It is surprising that a website so rich in contents and information can think of rewarding its users and commend them for spending time to gain information that will be beneficial to their everyday life,its truly a laudable development. Time spent online is calculated by points, whereby any activity you carry out on the site wins you point,these points after a short period of time can be converted to prizes ranging from mobile recharge cards to cash prizes ,redeemable by clicking the "maview store" located at the top corner of the site. This isn't the only positively rewarding venture as the owners of the site has also promised better opportunities for users within the coming months. So therefore don't just waste your time doing nothing,stay online,stay productive,stay active,and get : truly rewarding !!!


  1. I dey go register oooo....Lol...I'm not wasting time anymore

  2. great news. i gotta join this. thanks for bringing this to the board.


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