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pmonkz- AGanjú | The Demigod | A rebellious break with the gods | Story by SHADE, Written by: Poet M.M Tobias (@poetoby)

The Demigod
A rebellious break with the gods
Story by SHADE
Written by: Poet M.M Tobias
Date: 05/02/2013
Time: 9:04am

Banjo sat under a tree as the wind blew breeze, he reconcile with the thought of the past, thought of his unknown parents and the subsequent dreams of some war waging scenes with gods, Disillusion and discontent about finding the spirit man behind his life. He soliloquizes and drenched himself inthoughts that rolled into his head like folded mountain into one.

Banjo’s friend, Chris arrived at his presence, where he sat under a tree.
What’s up bro?
Banjo (Muted) Perplexed by many conflicting situations, filled with bewilderment
Chris(Uttered Aloud)
Banjoooo !!!!
Banjo(expressed shock)
Oh! My heart skipped abit, you scared me to death
Chris(Laughed contently)
Yea like a scarecrow…
Why are you drenched in thought young man?
What’s devilling you?
Banjo(Express discontent)
A mosquito buzzing in my ear really devils me
Its broad day light and I can’t findany mosquitoes
You are one; I am not ready for your rib-tickling jokes, it’s sure a noise to my ears.
You sure know how to get hold of my humour sometimes
Banjo (Still discontented)
I have no room to harbor your jokes Chris, not this time
Alright, enough joke for now. I won a passing knowledge of Chinese in Linguistics class today
Banjo (Shook his head)
Are you sure you are not one of those scientist theories, you seem to talk like a programmed radio
Chris (Laughed)
You got me on this one as well
I just wish I can say to a noble friend in future. Oh! Chris, he was my best friend at the university.
Well, friend would you tell me what’s bugging you
The dream again!
Have you dreamt about strange scene once again?
I was walking on water, as deep as Nile and suddenly I launched myself into the deep and went beneath the crust of the hard surface of the water. Tussle the goddess therein, the daughters of the river who were tormenting the soul of Men. I saw many men underneath, like a spell was on them. They are suffering Chris!

Chris (Laughed)
Now you are sounding like a horror movie. You sure have seen superhero movies too much that you think you are one.
You are still very much a friend that would have been sold for senses
Now you are wary of my talking skills, double O seven (007).
Banjo(yelled loudly)
Stop Chris!This dream keeps telling there’s“Me” in the old world
I think,youlooked like someone who had seen a ghost, now we must stop making you dream, unh! Dream those horrible or terrific dreams
Banjo (Desperate tone)
Let’s find you a beautiful girl and you will be dearly loved to have her alone in your dreams.
Do you direct Cinderella story, you sound like a funny dude in Comic books
Chris(convincing gesture)
Trust me; I am a serious student of history, even king and queens, dreamt of each other often at night.
Perhaps, in their dreams.
Are you serious or joking?"; "Don't be so serious!"
I am serious, a pretty lady will disengage you from that horrible dreams of yours.
Banjo(Sighed heavily)
Now let’s get going, we having GNS 201 in few minutes.
Oh! Yea you are right. Let’s get going.

On a not too hot afternoon on same day, Chris was busy pinging on his blackberry while Banjo was driving the thought of the past and future.
Sound of Asa music fades…..
Guy, I feel like I am back to life once again, something inside of me made believe I am here on a second mission
Chris(laughed out loud)
You sure appointed yourself the emperor of life
Banjo(Tone of confidence)
Cheap batteries usually have short lives and I ain’t one
Chris(mocking tone)
Then what do you dream of this time around, Joseph the dreamer
I dream that my realities are going to be daunted by what I love the most
You live in a dream that has nothing to do with reality, you don’t even know your parents, so stop bugging yourself with mere dream.
You sound like every other person I have known, nothing has changed about you and them
I am not them I am your friend, someone who understands your plight, share my parents, clothes and bed with you. What else could a friend have done?
I owe y---oo---uu old friend
You owe me nothing, just can’t stand your dream coming in the way of your reality.

On the spur of the moment, a lady walked by in one of those hot dresseson campus and held Chris under her charming look.She was pretty and pleasing to the eyes. Chris stood up,and then went after his prey.
Banjo! I really have to take my leave now, have got a new business.
Are you going to leave me because of a strange girl, he asked
I am not leaving you emperor
You humour is aging quickly, try something different “old clown”

Banjo picked his bag and head straight to the lecture room, looking more worried has he drowned himself with thought of searching for his unknown parents.

Two days later, Chris was on bed asleep snoring heavily like one of those tired trucks dumping load. Banjo was awake already, bathed and was preparing for Chris so they can head to school.
Banjo(Uttered loudly)
Wake up Jonah
Chris(hummed like refrigerator)
Are you going to lavish time in your dream land; you don’t have time in abundance. So wake up, Wake up now.
Chris(covers head with pillow)
How long is a day on Jupiter?
Wake up, lazy bone
You always sound like a programmed robot, always performing every task in nick of time.
Banjo(slightly peeved)
Maybe I should just leave now, Meet me in school
Chris(Said loudly)
Wait for me friend, am right in the shower.
Banjo had left and Chris hurried himself into the bathroom to prepare himself for school that morning.

(UNILAG Environ)
Later that same day on a motion ground, there were different faces of good looking young lads that crowded the beautiful vista. They were in two and three groups, chatting. Taking pictures with their phones. 
An ambiance for students…..
Chris was walking along Banjo, they chat about discontenting gesture a senior lecturer expressed during a class.
Suddenly, Chris stared over the edge with a feeling of awe and Banjo wondered what has caught his friend’s eyes as he couldn’t see anything at all because his mind is always preoccupied with many activities.
She is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes
Who is she?
A goddess I guess
Banjo(Laugh out loud)
You’ve started again, Mr. Bean…
Going there to say Hello to her and her friends,That perhaps is your angel
You are sounding like you’ve missed your pills. Did I tell you I am google searching and feeling lucky about a lady.
Do you want to remain a virgin all your life, you can’t say Hi and I am helping you out

Oh! Good friend, should I handle you a medal instead.
Stay here and let me do my magic with my talking.
Banjo(Laugh slightly)
Well go get yourself bathed in the mud friend…
Chris arrived at the beautiful ladies presence and strange faces focused on him as he adjusted his clothe and pampered his out of shape hair. Banjo watched from afar.
Hi pretty ladies.
The beautiful ladies pretended as if they didn’t heard a word.
Chris(Never stop smiling)
Hey, you gurls look beautiful
Shade(mean expression)
I am Chris, just want to say Hi.
Shade(Raised her shoulder)
We heard you, so what!
Chris was losing his confidence but could withhold because he had promise Banjo he won’t get embarrassed,
My friend over there seems to like you. His name is Banjo
Shade(laughed out loud with her friends)
Is banjor a street name for marijuana…lol
Chris Was folded into shame, he left their presence and Banjo laughed from afar. Shade watched banjo approached and saw his uncommon smile. A red lips like a blossom rose flower that spread it petals. She had wrong notion to have judged banjo by his name which looked like one of those oracle in ile-ife.
Banjo shy away from the scene and Chris felt pity for the embarrassment, the scene folded in panorama.

On same cool evening….
Banjo (Laughed)
You sure have gotten your body rubbed in the mud
At least I stood out there for you
Didn’t tell you I need a helping hand.
Chris(Demonstrates concern)
We had plan to get you out of that ugly dreams of you being an old superhero fighting the cruel, subtle gods and goddess
Banjo(Sighed Heavily)
Hmm… Don’t make case for fate
I don’t care if I had rubbed my body in mud today, I did it all for you.
You seem too concern than I had thought earlier
My humour may be as bad as a horrible breathe, but I know my opinion is fresh as a new morning
Banjo(Deep Breathe)
You sure sound different from another perspective
Don’t get me out of the race, I have not consider being stupid for a while but your terrible dream put me in a line of deep thought, it’s not something easy to quash.
Don’t get yourself bothered over my own problem,Kadara mi ni
You are sounding as if you don’t have a choice, you do.
And what choice would that be?
We are friends right?
Banjo(With certainty)
Yes of course, why do you ask?
I want you to understand that those dreams are making up for your realities; the past is the road path to your future.
How? I am in a lost battle field, I feel like a man searching for a corpse in the middle of war
You are not what you think you are not, this perhaps convince me enough that you belong to the old world. Sadly enough I don’t know what probably might be your accurate defenses but I know for sure you are defenseless to the old world
You talk with so much conviction, don’t nail me to the past, I belong to this world
Don’t get a wrong image of what I am assuming, perhaps…
I think it’s about time we have to make up for the past, you might have been a Hero then, Who knows, maybe a god like Sango, or even Orunmila himself.
Banjo(covered face with his hands)
Stop it! Stop! Stop! I feel like a fish out of a river
You are scared of what might return to be the outward of the life lived in the past, to defend people for the true course because it stand for the right purpose
I don’t really have a clear picture of the man I think I was then and I really have to trash such big dream of the past, that dream perhaps now open up to me to get screwed with my forthcoming exams.
Your academic performance speaks for itself, it’s a loud audible street megaphone, don’t clamp on feargood friend.
Banjo(Calm voice)
Do you know what I think, I have dreams and nightmares like every other person, so don’t make any image or story from it. The past is what I don’t believe in
Chris (Aggressively)
Stop erasing the possibility of saving peoples life again
You are going to strongly convince me into what I assume to be flim-flam
You sure know that those dreams is relating you to the man you actually are in time past. Not someone who will shy away from a drowning boy by the pool
Banjo(Expressed Disbelief)
I think you have auctioned your senses, you talk with a bumper sticker.
I am seeing a Hero; someday you will save the world.
Well, dream discoverer that’s an overstatement for me. Really need to go get something to eat, if you would care, join me.
(Mocking tone)Prophet of Jerusalem.. Else!
You know the god of hunger is not pleased with human skipping it sacrifices. 
Banjo opens the door and walk through as the door closes behind him. Chris also rushed out quickly.

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