Tuesday, 13 August 2013

PMONKZ- 10 minutes with DiPP by Edward Fortune (@HEDWORD26)

Born as Oladipupo into a family of five boys in the early eighties, DIPP began his musical career at the tender age of nine, singing along to the hits of Michael Jackson while imitating the dance moves of the master of the falsettos and stage performance.
A Singer/songwriter, DIPP, started recording his debut solo album in 2005. Three years later he officially released his first single Dangerous featuring M.I. The video was the first of its kind boasting of innovative special-effects and ground breaking dance sequences. The video quickly became a benchmark for special effects video in Nigeria while on radio the song was a mainstay on the charts for a long time.
In 2009 he won the Best Special Effects and Editing award at the Sound City Movie Awards for his Dangerous which was directed by special-effects wizard, MEX. Later in the year he released his second single Pop Off Selecta. When the video dropped in 2010 DIPP produced yet another stunning video with the aid of ace director/special effects genius MEX. In less than 2 months Pop Off Selecta had risen up the charts and peaked at the number one spot in Sound City Top Ten Videos chart for many weeks. He recently won two awards at the NMVA 2010- Best Use of Special Effects and Best Choreography.
After 3 years in the making, DIPP is set to release his ground-breaking debut album Future Is Now which will bring to the listener a perfect harmony of indigenous and international renditions of the R&B genre while vividly describing the struggles of a man striving to achieve his destiny. His next singles to kick off the release of the LP are Ko So Ro Nbe feat Da Grin (R.I.P) and Good Girls.

I had his attention for 10 minutes while he was in town (Abeokuta) to celebrate his birthday and I just understood why he's referred to or while he chooses to be called: *Half man Half amazing*

E.F: So far, you have been in the industry for how many years??

DIPP: Well, by the Grace of God, would say about  4 - 5yrs now and definitely still counting. Cause I intend to be here for a very long time.

E.F: How rewarding would you say music has been so far??

DIPP: well, to be candid and with all sense of gratitude, I would say its been wonderful, specifically from the fans.

E.F: Describe the kinda song you do.

DIPP: Well, I understand that there's been a whole lot of definitions to the kind of song I do and its simply because of my versatility I believe. But to set the records straight, I do strictly : RnB and \Pop

E.F: Why d name *half man half amazing*?

DIPP: (adjusts himself as he tries to get serious with this question) well, basically, I tend to cut across to different people in different ways. I do so many things that I even find amazing to myself. Singing and performing is what i do and am just one person filled with so many potentials. Am simply *Half man half amazing* (re echoes it again with an infectious smile).

E.F: If you were to do it all over again, what would you do?

DIPP: honestly Fortune, to be sincere, av got no regrets for the life I have got and the things I do. If am to do it all over again, I would do the same thing bruv, its rewarding in its own way trust me.

E.F:  When are we gonna enjoy the pleasure of listening to an album from DIPP???

DIPP: By the special grace of God, October 2013

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