Thursday, 20 June 2013

PMONKZ- DERTY (@rderty) ft. Aj Omo Alajah - Cinderella(Alkayida)

Cinderella(Alkayida) was produced by the records engineer HypeLyrix, with the recent trend and dynamism of the Ghanaian and Africa music dimension and especially with the various uniques of the dance moves, DERTY known for his Hip hop background shows versatility on the Afro beat which suites the style of the modern trend of dance called the 'Alkayida' movement.

This tune being a blind of the Afro Pop with DERTY's rap skills is positioned for his branding into the industry as being a versatile artiste. Derty will be releasing a couple of tunes in the coming months, as full promotion begins with his Cinderella tune.

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