Friday, 1 February 2013


Can you tell me important things about you in summary?
                              My names are Adeya Tolulope and the name
TYMBA is the abbreviation of all my names put together. I was born in
ondo state,Nigeria but moved to Lagos at a tender age. I started music
a long time ago with a home group but started music officially 2years
ago. I am the fourth in a family of five And I am a graduate of
biochemistry from university of Ado-ekiti,ekiti state,Nigeria. I have
worked with producers including Ojb jezreel,jo kaynie, Cabasa,
Fliptyce,Dtunes etc. I have worked with artistes like Danny young,

    How was growing up for you?        : Seriously, growing up was
difficult. I lost my dad about 15years ago. Imagine losing the
breadwinner of the family. Initially it was like heaven was gonna fall
but all thanks to God, here I am. Like I said, I was in a music group
back then and we did a lot of music even when our parents were against
it. My mum was always like..."Boy! I told you to read and all you do
is sing everytime".lol.

     Let& talk about your first official single, E FILE ft. Reminisce,
why did u choose him for that song?

I met Reminisce through a friend and things just went well between us,
as at the time I did the song, his track, "kakobichiken" was making
waves. I like is style of rap and seized the opportunity. Though
people questioned my decision cos many would ve gone for Ice prince,
MI etc. But when the song dropped,people saw the reason why I went for
Reminisce. I am not saying Ice prince,MI and the rest are not good
because I look forward to working with them but as at that time,I
think he(Reminisce) was the best shot for me.
How do you spend your spare time?

I like football a lot. If not doing music anytime I'm free,then am
busy with football. Either watching or playing.

   Tell me about your hobbies?
Singing is my main hobby. I love music a lot. I sing and listen to music a lot.

What's your relationship with Fliptyce knowing that he produced your
latest track IF YOU LIKE?                       I have known fliptyce
since my campus days. He's been a brother and a friend. He has always
been a very good producer and understands my kind of music a lot.

What's your relationship with other colleagues in the industry?

So far so good,I will say its been fair. I have met many new people
in the industry in the last few months. Though not all but I will say
a good percentage of them have been cool with me.

How do you cope with the fame and women music has brought you?

There are somethings I have come to learn about this, one of them is
that fame brings a lot of things to your way. Most of them you cant
avoid. Sometimes it helps and sometimes its to ones detriment. So
I've just been careful with the way I relate with both, I mean fame and women.

  What does being an artiste feel like?

If its something you love, it will be enjoyed. It feels like falling
in love with the right woman. Not like I dont feel bad at times
especially when its not working between you and your producer or fans,
but I will say I have been fulfilled.

Your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was when I saw the success of the single IF
YOU LIKE. It was a happy day for me.

How have u coped with the ups and downs since u decided to do music?

Its been God all the way, though its not easy but I have been trying
my best too. Giving up is not an option.

Any future collaborations?

Yes, I hope to work with some artiste in the future as the music
progresses. Right
now I have no one in mind, but I will just work with people as it comes.

It was really cool hanging out with you.

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