Sunday, 3 February 2013


After listening to a couple tracks by the new arrival M Tal, Wale
Applause hooked up with him at his home studio and they had an
interesting discussion.

Here is an excerpt.

Been hearing your songs and video on air in a while now, can I meet you?

I'm M-tal aka efizzy lomo aka omo jaye jaye aka love me love me just
kidding. My real name is Chinedu Edward  Njoku. I hail from IMO STATE,
Owerri ikeduru L.G.A.  I was born on the 8th of Feb 1988 that's me in
a brief.

Why did u choose to do music?
Actually music chose me. Lol!.
Its always a trend to hear we all started doing music as kids, but
music started for me  professionally 2years ago and it's what I've
always loved to do. At first when we started, it was awkward, but now
it pay bills. Music is  good business just like banking, oil and gas,
and others, because as long as you doing it right, it will put food on
your table.

Heard about your latest collaboration with vector, can you shed more
light into this?
Yes, vector d'viper is a very good brother & friend. We ve been close
for a long time, sing together, freestyle together, performed on a
couple stages together. So when I decided on a collaboration, being
one of the hottest rapper in the Africa at the moment, he was the only
person that came to my head. So I called him up,  we hooked up at the
studio and Boom,then a big hit came up. My producer Joe blaze on the
beat did a wonderful job. Y'all need listen to this track the. The
song will be released in 3 to 4 month ,but I have new  single dropping
anytime from 15th of Feb titled baby to lumunati, it a banger for

Are you currently signed on any record label?
Yes actually I'm signed to M-tal records. Yea I own the label I run
The label and I drink the Red label (laughs). Seriously I am taken on
my label M-tal records but the label is open for investors so if u
wanna do business tweet @mtallomo. fb  nedu m-tal

How has the music industry treated you?
Actually nothing good comes easily it's been though and challenging
but I always hook on these words, what won't kill you would make you
You know while coming up and trying to get favors from DJ' s
presenters, promoters, event managers. sometimes you have to pay to
perform just for the audience to recognise you and
at least listen to your song but things like this have only made me stronger.

What other features or songs should we look forward to from you in the
nearest future?
Hits upon hits I can do all basic genre of music I would be having
some features with some foriegn act and some big shot in Nigeria like
Olamide, Iyanyan, Eva. A lotta other surprises ahead.

What inspires your kind of music?
I do a lot's of listening. I'm a fan of both foreign and local music.
Also I have a very strong connection with the street. I'm really
inspired by the street.

Do you do any other thing asides music?
Yes I'm a private investor. I run a mini hotel n'some other good
business, but its basically Music for me.

We know as a new act, its not always easy to grow in the music scene,
how have you coped?
E no easy at all o. 2baba talk say if e easy na set Up. When we fall
all we need to do is rise up and get up. I thank God I have good
friends and brothers out there. You know even people who don't know me
personally show me love but its all by Gods grace and favour.
In every thing I do I put God first and my advice is that everyone
does the same.

Heard you throwing a gig soon, please tell me more about it.
WOW WOW WOW!!!!! How did that leak out? Yea!! That's true.  News can
run waka o. It's taking place at de-dems bar and club somewhere around
Egbeda Akwonjo on 15th of feb and am also dropping a single on air
that same day "tittled" Baby to Luminati

What message do you have for ur fans?
This one is big oh.hahahaha" my message for my fans is to be strong in
anything they do, they should see other the way they see themself. be
fateful and straight, they will get to there destination with out
stress in Jesus name. But please stay out of trouble. God bless y'all

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