Sunday, 3 February 2013


He is not a man of too many words. He doesn't even look like the voice
he's got. Indeed Jay Marcus is a bundle of talents. Nigboro, Take me,
U gon Scream are a couple songs that drew my attention to him. He's
indeed one to watch out for anytime soon. He's got what it takes to be
king. It was a good afternoon when we just sat to discuss and our
conversation went thus:

Jay Marcus, how are you today?
*I feel so alive.

I did my findings about you and I realized you were with a group
prominent in Ondo state at some point, please tell me more about it
and why everyone went solo

*it's nothing big we all agreed to go solo and we do keep in touch

We all know that all artistes at a point in their career always move
down to Lagos, how has moving down to Lagos being for you?

*I feel so alive it's like I've been here all my life.

The track NIGBORO that sold you out is a very unique one and even ever
since, I haven’t heard a song like that, what inspired you to do the
*Mood man, I just felt like doing something different, something far
from the usual

Please give me a brief into your background and how growing up was like for you?
*growing up was so rough and tough you know like you just can't get
your parent's support. all they want is a doctor or a lawyer and
that's far from my thoughts

You are one very talented artiste I respect so much, in your words,
What is your definition of a wacky song?
* I don't av a definiton for that, I just listen to good songs that's all

Do you plan doing music for the rest of your life?
*yea! That's what I'll be doing for the rest of my life.. I'm not
going anywhere, I'm here

Let’s talk about how working with Fliptyce was on your new single GO DOWN?
*Hmm working with fliptyce was cool, I've been working with him we're
in the university and apart from him being a good producer he is a
very good music director as well so I always feel so happy working
with him

The song is obviously doing well, what are your future expectations
for this song?
*i don't expect so much cause it's just a good start and I'm happy about it

From my findings about you, you have a couple other tracks online,
RnB, hiphop, what specific genre of music do you do?
*i do afro R&B *cook  good food for the soul*

What should we expect from you in days, months, and years ahead?
*well expect more good music,,more  unique food for soul, it's what
I'll be doing for a long time coming

Any future collaboration we should know of?
*None. For now.

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