Sunday, 3 February 2013

@PMONKZ CHAT - Wale Applause Chats with Gee4

After his return from the United states, he was caught on camera with
Skales of EME in the studio, I most definitely knew something was
coming up. Gee4 the Omo toh badt and Je ko bounce crooner is one
artiste I have fancied for a long time. I guess he's back again with
another hit. I caught up with him for a few minutes and here is our
Mr. Gee4 bebe, where have you been?
I've been good. I was out of the country for a while trying to work
somethings out. Though i come around often but i get to stay short
periods, but Gee4 is back now.

Been a while since we heard from you, what’s been happening to you?
Well am back now and am fully back to the studio and  working on my
video which will drop very soon.

For those that do not know you, please give a brief into your background?
I'm Gee4 and like the ladies like to call me Gee4 toh badt. My real
name is Egbeyemi Gbenga and am a native of Ogun State. I finished from
Ondo State Polythecnic and you'll know am basically into what i
knowhow to do best....MUSIC .

After the success of your 2singles, Omo toh badt and Je ko bounce what
do we expect from you soonest?
I'll be dropping two new singles this Feb. Shawty and Selling Point.
Also  you gotta watchout for my video soon...won't tell you what track
but you will be like 'wow' you know what am saying.

You were caught on camera with Skales of E.M.E in the studios, can you
shed more light on that?
Skales is a good friend and we are actually working on a song together
. It's one of the singles am dropping soon titled Selling Point. The
song is very unique cos of it's kind of style and the flavour it's
got. And you wanna know what it is like having Skales on it, He really
did a good job.

What is the rationale behind your music?
First of all, music has been part of this dude Gee4 . My kind of
music depends on the kind of inspiration i get a particular moment.

How do you think you can be a blessing to this generation with your
kind of music?
Most acts wants to sound like someone who is already made which is
not supposed to be. You are supposed to discover yourself and try as
much as possible to register your style of music. On my own part, I
have always been myself and the kind of song you hear from Gee4 can
only be heard from Gee4. That's what makes me unique so i want to
change that face, i mean that orientation that some people have like
if you dont sing or sound like A star,or someone who is already made,
then you are not gonna become one.  I sing a fusion of RnB,Hip-hop,
Afro, Raggae and my own Funk altogether in English, Pidgin and Yoruba
and still make good sense in that  form so i'll  like the upcoming
artistes to gain and learn lessons that and be unique in their own way
so they'll be appreciated for that.

What would your dream collaboration be?
Gee4 ft Chrisbrown and Femi Kuti. Imagine what it's gonna be like .

Are you currently signed on any label?
Am not on any record label for now. I float myself DHC ( Dope Hitz City)

You already have a video to the song omo toh badt, a very good music
video I must say, when do we hope to have you bless our screens with
something new again?
Am actually working on that, It's gonna be soonest.

Do you plan doing music for the rest of your life and what do you do
asides music?
Well Music i believe is a forever thing you know but i believe God
knows best what the future holds so i'll drop that in God's hands.

Please tell you fans what they should expect from you in the nearest future?
A bright future. Changing the face of Nigeria Music and contributing
my own part to making you feel good all the time.

It was cool hanging out with you.
You are welcome.

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