Tuesday, 12 June 2012


In a generation like ours that's filled with so many atrocities, so many
falsehood, we still have young and vibrant youths that still believe
that a life without Christ is full of crisis. Youths that still believe that we have not given God all that he dully deserves, and that, is why one of the soldiers for Christ, an ambassador for change like I always call him, has decided to stage a concert tagged: "REDEFINING MOMENTS".
We caught up with DAVID NNKENOR, a young and soulful worshiper that's
blessed with a great voice and gift to play instruments, when we
asked him why he decided to do a worship thing, these was his
"REDEFINING MOMENTS is a pure Worship Concert experience. Featuring
Worship Culture, Olufunmi & Nathaniel Bassey.
As I sat in Church a few days back, I couldn't help but notice the world from a different perspective; the Christ perspective. I saw that
the world we live in is SICK! Yeah...We live in a world full of sick people. No wonder Jesus was always filled with compassion.
People are in dire need of salvation. Salvation from sickness, sin, depression, emptiness, wickedness & every detail you can squeeze into
these words. Sadly, the only remedy to the worlds 'sickness' is the Church...

The Church that doesn't recognise her purpose. The Church that can't
see they are the world's solution. The Church that is more about her issues than her RESPONSIBILITIES. I see us handing to a 'sick child' things they do not need...even though they want them. Our world is in need of God-ENCOUNTERS.
Your gifts & jokes won't take the sickness away! Even our services
take a toll that is negligent of the real needs of men.

We must wake-up to reality. People committing suicides, loosing it
daily to sexual immorality & diverse lusts, yet they are in our Churches. I've seen too much! I desire an encounter beyond the activities, and if you know anyone who does, kindly invite them to
REDEFINING MOMENTS. June 24th. It'll be an experience....I promise!!!"

(07032630238 - Free seat reservation). God bless U

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