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Nigeria movie Industry is famous for her strong story line with quality production. Known around the world as Nollywood, in Jet age, youth find the industry fascinating and flexible to work with. I took out of my precious time to evaluate the future of Nollywood weighing up the Industry past-years. In my research I found 11 movies that has  huge impact on the growth of Nollywood. In this review your candid opinion is highly welcome.

 Movie 1 on the list

This is a Nigerian drama thriller film directed by Chris Obi Rapu, written by Kenneth Nnebue & Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and produced by Kenneth Nnebue. It is considered to be the first Nollywood blockbuster hit movie which kicked off the Nigerian cinema industry.

Movie Summary review:-
The film tells the story of a man who joins a secret cult, kills his wife in a ritual sacrifice, gains enormous wealth as a reward, and is afterwards haunted by the dead wife's ghost.

   Movie 2.

Title of Movie:  Saworoide (Brass Bells)
Date of Release:  1999
Written by:  Akinwunmi Ishola
Produced and Directed by:  Tunde Kelani
Classification: General
Duration: 98 minutes
Production Company:  Mainframe Productions

Movie Summary review:-
Saworoide is set against the backdrop of a Yoruba community seeking to create checks and balances in order to prevent the excesses of the king and his aides. It is the story of the pact
between Jogbo, an ancient community, and the kings that rule over it. King Lapite (Kola Oyewo) refused to partake in some traditional rites at his ascension because he knew he would not be able to indulge in corrupt practices if he did. He muzzled all opposition into submission and
induced the local chiefs with money in order to perpetuate himself in power. Saworoide, the insignia of authority in Jogbo, eventually led to the dethronement of Lapite. Tunde Kelani’s
creative interpretation shows oath-taking as an agency of accountability and good governance.
He ultimately celebrates aspects of African history and culture and tries to enlighten people about these.


                Movie 3

Year of production- 1999
Duration- 103 Min
Language- English
Directors: Andy Amenechi, Don Pedro Obaseki
Executive producer: Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche
Producer: Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche
SCR: Don Pedro Obaseki, Kabat Esosa Egbon
DP: Solomon Nwoko, Jonathan Gbemuotor
CAST: Pete Edochie, Norbert Young, Sam Dede, Charles Okafor, Obi Madubogwu, Chidi Mokeme, Prince James Uche, Ignis Ekwe, Joe Layode
ED: Fidelis Ewata
MUSIC: Omololu Ogunleye, Stanley Okorie.

Movie summary:-
Death ravages the land and the people die one after the other cursed by the son of Amadioha who was buried alive. On the hills of Amadioha through the forest of a thousand demons, seven men must sacrifice themselves to save their dying community.


                         Movie 4

Year of production- 1999
Duration- 111 Min
Language- English
DIR- Chico Ejiro
CAST- Regina Askia, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Saint Obi, Chima Okusaga, Gloria Michael, Brenda Nwachukwu, Tony Madugba, Chika Anyanwu

Movie summary:-
The movie is the story of Sister Mary, played by Regina Askia, who leads a group of missionaries to Amani to help the people. They discourage the people from killing twins and albinos. They also preach about God in heaven


Movie 5

Drama Director: TADE OGIDAN

Movie summary:-
Two identical twins swap positions to solve family problems. But finally their identities were revealed. Though they were identical, their characters differed.
Ramsey Noah Plays a double of himself in this very well-produced and well-written movie. Stella Damascus is married to one of the twins, Kehinde. While the other twin, Taiye, lives abroad (London) with his "white" wife.
Taiye has one big problem and has turned to his twin brother for help, as he is the only one that can really help him, and the only one he can trust... or can he?

                             Movie 6

Jenifa is a 2008 Nigerian Yoruba comedy-drama film starring Funke Akindele. The film received 4 nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008. Funke Akindele, the main protagonist of the film, won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in Leading Role for her role as Jenifa.

Movie summary:-
Funke Akindele, known as Jenifa, sulia kan Ayetoro kan.  ‘Jenifa’ tells the all too familiar story of a young ‘village girl’ who moves to the city to enrol in university. Suliat (Funke Akindele) is a local champion in her humble hometown, Ayetoro. She is the most popular babe of them all and highly influential amongst her peers. She gains admission to university in Lagos and moves there with great expectations. At university, she is ridiculed for her style (or lack-there-of), her accent and manner of speaking, then she meets a group of girls, things begin to change and Suliat is transformed to JENIFA


This is where we will stop for this week. Watch out for the concluding part next week.
Drop your comments and views about these movies. Thanks


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