Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Book Review: Fall By The Wayside

Book Title: Fall By The Wayside


Saka is born into a life of poverty and misfortune to a warrior family in Ilu-Oyo. Orphaned instantly when he was given birth to. Around the time he's fully grown he received favourable public reputation that made his childhood friend (banjifa) nurtured a cruel feeling of jealousy controlled by bothersome, afterwards a great uproar ensues Saka's fortune that emerge from the baata price he won at the Sango's Festival which made him more loved and preferred than anyone in the kingdom of Ilu-Oyo.
    His mystery began when he lost his grandmother to Princess Adesiju who later became the love of his life.
    During Saka's great mystery, Otunba Ladoke a mischievous and cruel chief conspired with the King to kill Saka because he pose a threat of murder on Princess Adesiju, the only child the King had. the stricken force of suffering doomed Saka's prowess.
   However, Father Florence harboured him to be used as bait in other to bring Christianity to the land and as well stop Captain Christopher from his mischievous prowess, trading guns and gun-powders for transporting Idols, Figurines, and unholy sculptors into Europe, the Holy land as the priest claimed.
   Later, Saka found Father Florence more subtle and was suspicious of his belief, his thoughts rolled in his mind like folded mountains into one. He studied Father Florence and his invisible GOD and gathered the priest had brought him close to his very own "Eledua". Who's called Jehovah by the white men but was confuted by the priest that gods like Sango, Ogun and Obatala were little gods and were men before they were covenant-induced by the devil to serve the purpose of evil upon the people.
  He was persuaded to fight Captain Christopher and his soldiers in other to retrieve the figurines and idols, also condemning the King and his misdeeds in order to establish Christianity in the Land.
       He fought the battle of the end against Captain Christopher and his soldiers, and also the Eunuch warriors sent by the King. Saka ended life mystery as he defeated his enemies by felo de-se.    
     This book explained an obscure point of Africa's stolen pride, the idols, figurine and the beauty of the land, the invasion of westerners trading religions and caused disbelief amidst the ethnics. It details GOD and god's affluence on human. Hunger, Fear, hatred,love,  Jealousy, pride and discontent are used as weapon of botheration by the author. It's no doubt a book that tells the secrets of our past to the future.

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