Monday, 28 May 2012


Party Monkz Entertainment crew was invited to the press conference of Y.E.M. Awards, and we were granted interview with the brains  behind the award, what more can we say, youths are going places in Nigeria and we’re proud to be associated with them. Read the interview below:-

PME:- What is Y.E.M. Awards?
Y.E.M. Awards is Young Entertainers and Music Award. Basically we're focusing on the young and upcoming talents in the industry. It’s an annual event. We have different categories that cuts across the entertainment industry itself; we have categories in musicals, comedy, role models etc.
YEM Awards is here to celebrate entertainers because, most of these entertainers are not celebrated enough. We also know that there's virtually no connection between the A list entertainers and the upcoming entertainers. So, this award will bring all players in the game together.
Y.E.M. Awards is here to stay.

PME:- How did you come about the name, Y.E.M. Awards?
Getting the name or constructing the name wasn't easy. We had so many ideas and none fit into what we wanted. We started with different names like Music Entertainers Awards (MEA), Young Music and Entertainers Award (YMEA) and later to what you all know, Young Entertainers and Music Awards (Y.E.M. Awards). We then talked to our publicist and he accepted it.

PME:- Tell us about the most difficult aspect of the planning stage.
Hahaha! This is a very serious question, you know why? Because all stages involved are terribly difficult, but with God on our side, we're pulling through.
The major challenge we're having is, getting sponsors. We've been to different offices, submitted proposals, we were called many times to come defend it and still, all na story. We still need sponsors though, if u get for us, we no mind o *hahahaha* 

PME:- What's your take on Naija Music industry and Entertainment generally?
The Nigeria Music Industry has grown and still growing very fast, we have the upcoming coming up everyday. We have good producers around now, compared to what used to be obtainable. Great musicians. We've greatly improved and though, there's still more room for improvement, the Nigerian Music industry and the entertainment world at large is clearly different from what it used to be. 

PME:- You mentioned that this award is mostly about upcoming artistes. How do you intend to get to the root?
The truth be told here, we won't be able to get across to every artiste, but, we have our website , we've shared this on blog to over 18 blogsites. We're getting to them through the social media; most of all upcoming artistes are now on either twitter, facebook, google+, just name it. That's where we're getting the nominations. We have over 150 songs right now, though small compared to the number of artistes around, but this was gotten within a very short period of time and more songs are coming in. We have our news on the website and it helps a lot of artistes also.

PME:- We checked your website and there's no specific date for the award on it, any reason for this action?
Yeah, we wanted to be able to get the press conference behind us, after-which, we'll drop our calendar on the site, thank God we're done with the press conference as you can see. Every step we want to take from this moment will be on the website. The campus storm, the nomination processes, the date and everything that has to do with this event will come up on the site from this moment. About the date, we won't want to give a date that won't be feasible but, we're looking at August.

PME:- Give your final shot.
We just want to thank everybody supporting this project. All our sponsors, all blog sites, all press crew, and you the interviewer. We want to tell all upcoming artistes that, its their time, they should stay focused and consistent. God bless us all.

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