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This is a world exclusive interview with the world famous Dj Roland. He talks about how he started, where he is now and his forth coming birthday. Read and enjoy every bit of it.

PME:- Your Name and a brief bio-
 Dj:- Roland Ubuefe James from Isoko, Delta State. I studied statistics in Yabatech, Lagos State and mathematics & statistics in University of Port-Hacourt, Rivers State.
PME:- How did you become a Dj? –
Dj:- Wow! Ok! My parents were both pastors so they never wanted me to go into music, but I've always loved music from when I was small. Going to parties in Victoria Island(I was raised there).
When I was doing my IT(industrial attachment) with DPR(Dept. For Petroleum Resources), I dedicated 50% of my time to work, and the remaining 50% to music, I was always going to a studio at Obalende and I became a studio rat, and that was how it started.
There was this fateful day, the Dj that was supposed to record for me wasn't around, I told the owner of the studio to let me do it, he said I wasn't a Dj. I convinced him and told him that I paid, he agreed. After the production, we all listened to it, though it wasn't perfect but that was how I started. So, from what I just said, you could depict that nobody taught me how to be a Dj.

PME:- How long have u been in this business?-
Dj- Well, professionally, I started '95, though I stopped at one point, that was around '98 because of my mum who wanted me to go for a white collar job. Now she's passed on, and I returned to my calling in 2007. I'm in love with what I'm doing, there was a time I was working under Dj Jimmy Jatt, worked with Dj waxxy, Dj Abass.
I had my studio in Bariga, but it only lasted till when my mum was on my neck to go in search of a white collar job. My parents established a computer firm for me and I did that till 2007.
In 2007, while going about my business, selling computers at FRSC, a guy saw me and called me DjRoland, I told him I don't Dj again, told him the reasons. He then convinced me to come back. I accepted but went for some courses to give me an edge. I took up Radio Presentation, Production and Studio Management, in the course of my study, I got employed to Choice FM. 

PME:- Its come to our notice that you can blend with any genre, is there any music you can't work with?  -
 Dj- There is virtually no music genre I can't use. I study the beat per minute (b/pm) and I go rocking.
Dj is the act of mixing 2 songs to bring 1 sound, 2 beats to get 1 rhythm 

PME:- How do you decide what songs to play at different events?-
Dj:- Whenever I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is to update my library. When I get to play all nights, I study the age group, study the kinda people in the party, study the mood and give them what they want.

PME:- How do you manage your personal relationship considering the demanding nature of your job?-
Dj:- With my fellow Djs, no, because 1, I'm the PRO of DJAN (Dee Jays Association of Nigeria) and 2, because Its just normal to relate well with everybody. With the females, I respect them and love them.

PME:- Do u have a favorite club?-
Dj:- You want me to do advert for the clubs and also expose my self abi? *Laughs* I have lots of club, I go to any club that I love the music. I leave my crib in Ikeja and go in search of any club that plays good sounds, no matter the distance.

PME:- Which Dj do you respect in this game?-
 Dj:- Big ups to Dj Temple, he’s a very good administrator. He might not be at the fore front, but he has been holding it down and tight, from all the Djs of his era, he's the last man standing. Also, world famous Dj Jimmy Jatt, he's old and keeping it tite, my former boss. Dj Abbas, Dj Funky J, Dj Tarry, the list is endless.

PME:- Where would like to spend your vacation?-
Dj:- Bahamas. I've not been there, I've heard a lorta news about the place. I wanna rest under the coconut trees and you know the rest *laughs
PME:- What’s your relationship with upcoming artistes like? –
Dj:- As you know that I'm a radio Dj and a presenter. I run two radio stations (Choice FM and Eko FM), 40% of my programmes in each station is dedicated to upcoming artistes. I've not even seen most of them, but I get their CDs, listen to the songs and I play all the good once on air. Its what you also know because you encourage upcoming artistes and you help me analyse songs.
This is the main reason why you see so many upcoming artistes around me, its not all about money, its passion. We don't know who the next Dbanj, wizkid, Tuface or Psquare will be, they were all at one time encouraged. 

DJAN is all about moving the Djs from the level we are now to the next level. Dj Jimmy Jatt, my self and some other Djs noticed that Djs are not respected, unlike the artistes and comedians, so we joined forces and formed the association. Its a voice for Djs in Nigeria and also, a platform to help upcoming artistes. It also encourages education and self expression.
We have affiliation in the UK and USA, we've grown to over 200 members

Well, now you know me, just one Dj presenting in two stations, mobile Dj, Club Dj, street Dj.

Now unto my Birthday, you witnessed how many people wanna host me right? Including you. I gained that through integrity and consistency. My birthday is gonna be 4days party starting from Thursday, Friday , Saturday and Sunday at Opebi Allen, Club Royale, Amnesia, Red lounge not respectively.
Have a great and wonderful birthday, more years and good success for you…PME 

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