Monday, 28 May 2012


Tobi Ogidiolu otherwise known as "Poetoby", which is a pen name for this creative writer, hails from Ekiti state, in western Region of Nigeria.  Having attended many motivational seminars in his hometown doing his great exploits, Poetoby is a Managing editor for Celebs & Wheels magazine, a contributing editor for Pmonkz Entertainment and also a research analyst for Halogen Magazine. His passion for arts is demonstrated eloquently, he studied literature primarily and demonstrating art is part of him, he has published several articles and novels.

    He is a poet, ideologist, profiler, motivational speaker, novelist, and magazine editor. Tobi Ogidiolu is widely regarded as one of the most exciting writers who has demonstrated their skills and knowledge in the field of writing, especially in novels and motivational books.

You'll get to know more of him on the Party Monkz Entertainment online diary. He'll be doing his thing every Tuesday. Music reviews, Movie reviews and book reviews.
Party Monkz Entertainment is the true definition of entertainment and y'all aint seen nothing yet.
Keep it locked down with us, and you'll be satisfied.


  1. Your a wonderful guy, keep doing the good job. Your biography really inspired young minds who want to excel in their careers.

  2. Thank you bro. You know Pmonkz will do everything to bring you the best. Stay tuned bro


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