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Its another day with your favorite online diary, where we bring you closer to your artistes. This time, in the building is Hakeem The Dream {HTD}. He’s here to tell us what he’s been up to. All the way from South Africa, we present you, HTD, Mr. Lamba.

*PME:  Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field?
   HTD- My real name is Hakeem Olatunji and I’m from the hood. Born and raised in Surulere. I was born singing. like I discovered my gift at a very early age and as young as thirteen, I was already performing in little gigs. In secondary school I always performed Fela's songs. They usually call me BABA 70s then, its funny. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer

* PME:   When did you first discover your creative talents?
   HTD- I can't say exactly when, but I was very young, it started when my dad would play fela and Michael Jackson at home. lol. I remember that then, as skinny as I was I would stand in front of the TV and sing and dance like MJ. I loved doing that. Yeah, I think I started discovering my gifts from there. Then I worked hard to build up on it, now I am a singer, song writer, producer and entertainer. It doesn't get any better than that. *winks*

* PME:    What inspires you most in life?
   HTD- Hmm.... that’s a hard question because everything around me or that happens to me inspires me, limbos inspires me, God inspires me, my story inspires me because, hehehe, its like from zero to hero. My life right now is an inspiration to me just like it is to many others. Lamba that!

* PME:    What is your motto or the advice you live by?
   HTD- My motto??? I think, I live by the principle that Nothing is impossible.  I have been in the worst situations in life but here I am now, I see people everyday and everywhere trying to get me down but here I am, steadily moving up and in grand-style too. Hehe, so nothing is impossible with God. Absolutely nothing.

* PME:    Ten years from now you will be....?
   HTD- An Icon. A Legend. Lamba that!

* PME:    Any influences or anyone you look up to musically?
   HTD- Of course, I mean apart from baba fela and Michael Jackson, one great act that really inspires me and made me to be versatile musically is R.kelly, I mean the nicca will do songs like “He saved me”, tomorrow he will go "fiesta fiesta' Lol, I learnt creativity in song writing and versality in music production and delivery from R.kelly, so he's one of the reasons why today, I can do an RnB song like 'Dey Dere' and tomorrow I go 'Lamba Limbo Lamba' Hehehe Lamba daht!

*PME:    What are you up to now, Mr. Lamba?
  HTD- Lamba club tour babay. That's what it is. I just killed the SA lamba tour, I’m about to hit Naija now. Also expect a couple of singles coming out soon, Hehe, those people who think Lamba was wild, I sorry for you, you ain't ready for this! Lamba daht!

*PME:    Please, we'll like you to tell us about your "LAMBA CLUB TOUR" and the expected artistes.
  HTD- The first lamba Naija tour will take place on Thursday 24th of May, at lounge 38, which is at #38, Adeniran Ogusanya, Surulere. We expect some tight comedy on this one and on the 1st of June, lamba tour will touch down Q-lounge, in Victoria Island Lagos. Its gonna be an experience of a life time with these tours, because I’m gonna give my all, and party with my friends and fans; plus I got a couple of superstars coming over to support me, I got Wc, Tiwa, Ice Prince, Brymo, Jesse, W4, Remininsce, Chidima, Dammy and a lot that I can't remember at the moment, some will be there on 24th and others on the 1st of June. And of course the whole of the serengeti squad will be there, am talking about Fatboi, Peejay and Joshbeatz. Lamba Daht

*PME:    For your fans coming, any gate fee or specific method of entrance?
  HTD- Just come and party y'all, be there early though and don't break the rules of the club, that’s all. I just wanna give back to my fans, you know, give them an opportunity to know me and party with me.

*PME:    One word for your fans.
  HTD- I love you all. Lamba daht!

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