Tuesday, 3 April 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Hollymam interview with PME

 This is your boy Hollyman Fresh in an exclusive interview with Party Monkz Entertainment, read and enjoy the interview below.

* PME :  Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field?
---My stage name is freshskillz a.k.a my people knows your people, a.k.a my people will definitely see your people, I'm from Abuja municipal area council (AMAC). Started music at a very young age and a student  of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, I'm an Abuja, Lagos based artiste.

* PME :   When did you first discover your creative talents?
--- Like i said i started music at a very young age, so i discovered my creative talent at the early stage of my life.

* PME :    What did your family do to encourage you?
---Its not been easy considering the fact that our parents have a different perspective towards music, so the support has not been that coming from them.

* PME :    What inspires you most in life?
--- Any positive influences

* PME :    What is your motto or the advice you live by?

* PME :    Ten years from now you will be....?
--- I see myself as a global artiste, i see myself helping the needy, i see myself grooming the upcoming acts

* PME :    Any influences or anyone you look up to musically?
---Musically i look up to artiste like 2face, MI, Modeninne

* PME :    What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?
--- hahaha, it guess it has to be my first recording

* PME :    Any interests, other then music?
---I've dream music, so i combine music with education to make it a career

* PME :    Do you play any instruments?
---Yeah,  I play Keyboard

* PME :    What makes your songs tick?
---The message in it, the passion of making it

* PME :    If you were to choose between a romantic nite out with the girl of your dreams or watching your favorite football club play live, which would you choose?
---I will prefer to have a romantic night with the girl of my dream

* PME :    Have you always enjoyed the art of music?
---Nothing has ever made me happy like making music

* PME :    Any celeb crushes?
---Yeah, have a fantastic relationship with Magnito

* PME :    What is the best advice you have ever been given?
--- Stand for what you believe and work towards it

* PME :    One word for your fans.
--- I love you you all, Keep supporting your boy freshskillz, will never disappoint you all. SHALOM

His has a new single, watch this space for the download link.

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